New poster, project and website

Yesterday I finished printing a new Vera poster for De Keefmen!

Together with Stefan Sloot and Wytse Sterk I'm starting a collective called 'Cowboy Killers'. It will start out as a website were we will sell gigposters and artprints, but in the near future we will expand with workshops, mobile screenprinting (on festivals), and exhibitions.
The website (and webshop) will be online soon!

And last but not least, my webshop will get a grand make-over. The site will be responsive, so it will be acceable with all your mobile devices.



A brand new poster for Vera: The Supersuckers!


My First Metal Poster


Long time no see!
While I was selling posters in Germany, graduated from the Academy of Popculture and was very busy making posters... I forgot to update my website. Here it is! And as a bonus here are some pictures from the Reeperbahn Festival


Freeze Festival

I'm working on a huge mural for Freeze Festival - here's a preview



Exhibition with Joris Diks

Friday the 21st of June I will give an Exhibition of my screenprinted poster together with artwork of Joris Diks.


Studio Push and Pull,
Klaprooslaan 122, Groningen.

From 17:00 till 22:00.
Cheep beer, good music, nice people!



Holy Macaroni Batman! It's been a while since my last update!
I'm working on some posters for the awesome venue of Ekko in Utrecht. I Like Trains is the first posters i've printed for them, and Meschiya Lake will be the second one - that one will be printed next week.